One to One for when you
need a personal service

BPM Coaching will coach and advise whatever your challenge or dream. You may or may not want to race, perhaps you have a cycling challenge that requires some specific coaching, research, and planning. Whatever your dream I would love to hear from you.

101 Starter Bespoke Training Consultation to get your heading in the right direction from the beginning, including a test and or observation ride from £150 for up to 3 hours.

Self-managed training plans with personally selected training schedules and sessions updated monthly to ensure progression from £75 per month.

A One to One coaching plan is specifically designed to work towards your individual goals and maximize the gains possible with the time you have available to train. Your workouts and sessions will be individually selected along with target intensities to allow the "smartest" training possible.

Where necessary sessions will be specifically developed and designed for you. On an ongoing basis, I will consult, listen and discuss with you all aspects of your development and training. I will advise, assess and develop your training plan as you progress. Testing for athletes that can travel is also included from £200 per month.I only coach a limited number of athletes in this personal and bespoke manner so as to be able to dedicate sufficient time and energy to ensure you receive the best in personal service from me directly. The process is tailored to your requirements and personal goal whatever that might be.

Your coach should act as a mentor and motivator, they should be an honest friend who wants the best for you and works to that aim with support, encouragement and expertise, a friend who can sometimes say the truths that you do not want to hear and discuss all aspects of your performance in a positive manner that will enable you to learn from the experience.

The relationship between a rider and coach needs to be one of mutual respect and collaboration. It should be a productive working relationship, we don’t always have to agree, but our goal should be that we are always working together to make you a better cyclist.

A good coach needs to be able to provide not only training sessions and schedules but also emotional support when things don’t quite go as planned. If and when this happens a good coach is to be able to identify the areas that are limiting performance and then put together a plan to address them. 

Contact me and let's talk about how I can help you.