Complete Realistic easy to follow training advice plans and schedules

With advice, sessions and training schedules from
BPM Coaching Ltd. you can realise your cycling potential. 

Professional coaching is no longer the preserve of the elite athlete or those with deep pockets, all cyclists that want to improve their performance will benefit from the training advice within which is based upon proven principles that when followed will allow you to make a step gain in your performance.

With simple, clear and concise instruction at a fractional cost, this website has been compiled to give you a high-quality training knowledge base that deals with all the major training areas required to improve your cycling performance at the correct intensities and durations. You will be introduced to progressive sessions specifically developed to push your performance forward within a structured framework.

This easy to understand training manual written in plain language will help you become a more efficient rider with a better understanding of pace, perceived rate of exertion, energy consumption and exercise zones (intensity) and how to apply this new found knowledge during a ride, race or in training.

We will explain how training works and its effects on the various body systems and in turn their function in relation to your performance as cyclist.

We will cover tactics and pacing explaining threshold and the various exercise zones in detail.

This website is an evolving knowledge base and will be added too and improved upon as we train together.

Many riders train spontaneously with minimal structure, riding when they like and how they like. It is possible to become a good rider without a structured system and method. But to reach your true potential efficiently and safely, a structured plan is the best method. Through this website, we provide safe, effective and fully explained training based on proven principles and experience.

Often riders coming into the sport at a later age believe that the only way to catch up is to do more, thinking that non-stop riding or chasing will enable them to quickly catch a rider that has perhaps developed his fitness and race craft over many years. Wherever you are in your cycling career always being chronically fatigued will not make you faster. For the competitive person, a non-structured approach is also more likely to lead to overreaching and then overtraining, this can manifest itself in an overly developed work ethic or worse an obsessive-compulsive behavior pattern. Both could end in an illness or injury that could delay your progression by months or even end it.

Many cyclists have become so accustomed to overtraining that fatigue seems normal. Like any addict, the chronically overtrained cyclists is continuing a behavior that is destructive believing it to be the solution and the idea of limiting training will seem counterproductive and even scary. Bpm Coaching Ltd will help you reach new levels of fitness by training “SMART” and training "SAFE". 

Complete easy to follow training advice and planning that works. Proven schedules, sessions, and advice for cyclists of all levels with complete explanation and simple to follow instructions presented as on online book regularly updated for a one-off price of just £15.99
Whats included:

A fixed week training plan.

A 6 hour per week to better cycling fitness plan

A 12-week training plan.

A 6-month training plan.

Some things you will need

Perhaps you have been riding for a while and have accumulated some kit along with your bicycle or bicycles if you are lucky. Unfortunately, you may well not have quiet everything you need to help you take the next step. When you do think you have everything you will, of course, want to upgrade. It never ends. So here are some items that will certainly help you improve your performance.

A cycling computer that can monitor and record amongst other things your heart rate, speed, power, distance, and elevation.
A smart turbo trainer or static training bike
A power meter
Some dumbbells
A stability exercise ball
An exercise mat 

These items with Bpm Coachings help will help you make some massive gains.






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Nigel of BPM really understood how to structure a training regime for a time-poor mum with a full-time job. He worked into the regime the local club TT races and evening rides, ensuring a regime that was motivating, social and which got results. His technical expertise also enabled me to ride downhill far more effectively, meaning for once I could keep up with the men when racing.

My goal race was one of the toughest Half Ironman events on the circuit. With Nigel's coaching I managed a PB in the very hilly bike course, and fourth place in my category, narrowly missing out on the World Championships in Australia.

I would highly recommend Nigel and BPM coaching to anyone looking for a step change in their performance.

Amanda Greenslade

Since training with Nigel at Bpm Coaching I have gone from a complete armature rider to win a gold and silver medal at major international games for both time trialing and criterium racing.

With regular testing, I have seen my power and endurance increase with my body fat dropping to produce massively competitive power to weight ratio for competition.

Bpm Coaching produces training that works with proven results. This year I have won Silver in the Men's Individual Time Trial at the Invictus Games in Toronto, Gold in the Men’s Criterium at the Invictus Games, the 2 up Regional Team Time Trial Champion and the Okehampton CC Time Trial series.

Andrew White

The coaching received from Nigel @ BPM is second to none, simple and easy to follow with all the information you could wish for. Everything is laid out ahead of you so you know exactly what to do and how to perform in each session. In the time I've been coached by Nigel at Bpm Coaching I have gone from a wannabe Racer to a contender in every race I enter. Training that REALLY works!

Josh Coyne
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