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Bpm Coaching Test the Buxum Bike Box

At Bpm Coaching we have tested the Buxum Bike Box “Ventoux” and “Tourmalet” on numerous tours and we are more than pleased to say it does exactly what it says on the tin. “I really cannot imagine using another box” says Josh Coyne a race winning national competitor. Andrew White the Invictus Games 2018 Gold and Silver medal winner who used the boxes during the games in 2017 said “The Buxum box made bike transportation during my medal-winning trip so easy and the boxes really were the envy of the team, I had no doubt that my competition bikes would be secure”.

Although light-weight at just 12.5kg this bike box is more of a bike safe.

If you think that airport handling is anything but brutal think again, mechanized systems even for oversized luggage are now the norm and no amount of fragile and this way up stickers will make the slightest difference to the harsh treatment in store for not only your bike box but the precious cargo that lies within.

After 8 tests on flights to Morocco, Canada, Switzerland and France we at Bpm Coaching never had to worry because we always knew our bikes would arrive in perfect condition, this is due to the complete protection the Buxum box offers.



Aircraft engineered and light-weight the Buxum box is UK or the be more precise Devon designed and manufactured. In fact, it looks like it was made in the Supermarine Spitfire yard in the 1930’s. However, its designed and constructed to keep your bike safe through the hostile demands of the modern airport environment and onward worldwide travel. For example, when last in Morocco our boxes travelled on the roof of a bus! 

The Buxum box looks the part, you are immediately reassured and in are no doubt that you can entrust your cycling pride and joy to this product.


Built to Last

My test box on our last trip to Morocco for Spring endurance training was still looking good after 100 flights and although it had its scares it was still as strong as ever, completely functional and intact. A real testament to its quality and manufacture.

For easy packing and unpacking on every trip the class winning Buxum is the envy of the group, within 10 minutes it's ready to go.

Your bike held in place by its wheel drop-outs attached to the rigid base of the box via skewers clamps and axials, so in reality your bike frame is suspended with no parts in contact with the outside walls of the box.

The front skewer securely clamps front fork and the adjustable rear mount accommodates a wide wheelbase range.



With just two pieces that split to cocoon your bike, whilst others are stripping frames, bubble wrapping bikes and squeezing lids shut, we just secure the bike, pack the wheels and attach the upper half of the box securing it in place with the twist latches that clamp the two halves together providing outstanding security and peace of mind.

Cable lock compatible



There is plenty of room for a little more, the Buxum’s generous capacity also allows for you to pack away some extra luggage with ease, perhaps that extra piece of clothing or tool that might not sit so well in the hand luggage.


Stacking protection



Lightweight and made of sustainable aluminum, 100% recyclable, with class-leading strength to fly your bike around the world, extra protection is provided via the removable brace that is secured internally between the side walls of the box.

Once assembled the flat top surface works well as a table-top in the departure lounge for sorting out the last-minute paperwork.


The Buxum (meaning box in Latin) handles like a dream from carpark to luggage conveyor. Wheels with long life sealed bearing that turn where you want to go and “proper job” as they say in Devon attached handles in four easy to grab locations for lifting, loading and pulling that not only work but are manufactured to last make negotiating the airport less of a nightmare.

To sum up Philias Fog (Around the world in 80 days) would have loved this luggage, engineered to do the job again and again, designed to be effective and simple to use. Bpm Coaching highly recommend this product.