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March Training with Andrew White



Unfortunately, March was dominated by hard training, bad weather and race cancelations.

The start of this month was a little different to usual as I didn't test in the first week, but that didn't matter, with some clever math’s from Nigel of Bpm Coaching my monthly plan arrived in my inbox and I had some work to do!!


This month I’ve working in zone 2/3 and zone 4 with session's 2 and 4a with some fun on road race pace tempo rides tossed in for good measure.



I started my first week as instructed however it took a strange turn on Thursday night (weirdly whilst on the turbo in the middle of a hard session) when I had a phone call from the British Cycling Para Athlete Team asking if I wanted to travel to Derby on Sunday to ride as a pilot for a tandem. This was an offer I couldn't refuse so booked a hotel and traveled up on Saturday as I wanted to be as fresh as possible.


Sunday morning soon came around and I was quite nervous, having never ridden a tandem before. However, I got to the track and warmed up before meeting the stoker (2nd man on the tandem). After a couple of wobbly laps (both the stoker and my fault) we started to get more comfortable and faster.


A couple of efforts later Including a flying 200m, kilo (1km) and 4km TT (all of which I did twice, once on the tandem and once solo), we started to do some match sprints and we did well, beating the other tandem teams, which was incredible!!


The beast from the East

After a week of training and an incredible weekend in the velodrome, it was time to look forward to next week's bike related activities, but it was not meant to be.


The following weekend was dominated by snow and the cancelation of my first 25mile TT, not to be put off I decided to make myself suffer with back to back 20 min output tests knocking out a power I was unsure I could hold for 20mins then finishing off my indoor session with a 100km ride around wattopia.


With the success I had in the velodrome, British Cycling seemed super happy with how I performed and invited me to power test which included 3x 6sec seated efforts, a 3min output, and a 12-min output. It was really hard work doing all of the separate efforts one after another, but I worked hard and hit a new heart rate PB of 200bpm, so you can’t say I didn’t try!!


We are finally Racing

The next weekend was race weekend and it was nice to be racing and riding with friends again. The race was the Tavistock wheelers Brentor Road Race. It was a cold day, but I felt good, well at least for the first hour and a half. A joint attack from a fellow bpm rider and OKCC club member Josh Coyne looked good but instead, an attack cramp ruined my day and although I thought to get back into contention eventually I had to watch the bunch ride away up the road and away, it was hard to watch as they disappeared. However, if you’re not winning there’s no better feeling than seeing a friend and training partner win, but that’s not my story so I’ll let Josh Coyne tell that one.


The coming month is a busy one with lots of zone 4 work and a few hard races including the new Davidstowe Road Race and the infamous R25/3H TT course in wales, so hopefully, I can compete in my first 25-mile TT.


The racing year is just starting and there’s so much yet left to come, so stay tuned for more news.


Author: Andrew White


Editor: Nigel Hale-Hunter