I am a qualified ABCC Cycling Coach and a MIAS Cycling Guide & Leader based in the UK with the ability to travel with you to many great destinations.

It is necessary that you have some experience and that you are relatively fit to enjoy most of the worlds greatest cycling destinations. Rides should be designed around you or your groups experience but always exceed your expectations. you should be challenged but never put in an uncomfortable situation, although advice and help will always be available it is important you are able to explore and experience a real feeling of adventure in safety, at an enjoyable but non competitive pace. You should be challenged but never put in an uncomfortable situation beyond your level of experience, I understand you are on holiday not a boot camp.

Your guide should be able to fit into and converse with client groups in a confident and interesting manner without taking center stage, always maintaining a professional and work like ethic ensuring the tour experience exceeds the clients expectations. Use a professional guide and enhance your cycling camp or tour.


Swiss Alps cycling tours & holidays

Swiss Alps cycling tours & holidays

All riders visiting a new area would benefit from guiding, In areas like the Swiss Alps and Morocco local knowledge is the most important factor in ensuring a measured safe and exciting ride, without testing routes in advance this is almost impossible.

Swiss Alps cycling tours

Swiss Alps cycling tours

I will ensure you have my full attention in a no pressure environment that will guarantee fun, adventure and a gain in your experience as a Cyclist. 



I can guide you one to one or in a small group of up to six or eight pending on the groups overall level of experience. 

I am available to work for other operators as a professional guide and coach. 

I know live in Devon, England but spent ten years riding in Europe, living in the Val D’Herens Switzerland, one of the Alps best kept secrets discovering its best routes, this is true road and mountain bike climbing country. I do not provide an extreme experience or possible misadventure, rides should be challenging but I will make sure you are not put in an unsafe or uncomfortable position, you will finish your ride with great memories of challenging climbs and descents in the most beautiful surroundings, feeling you have accomplished something special. I will be there to encourage, give advice and demonstrate whenever needed.


Atlas guided Tour

Atlas guided Tour

Prices for Guided Tours:  

Day Ride: 1 - 6 Riders £125 + £25 per additional rider

Max 6 riders per group (8 by conditional agreement)           

All prices in Sterling

Additional: Accommodation food and travel expenses on tours

For day ride you need to bring the following items:  Suitable road or mountain bike in good condition with good brakes & tires, approved bike helmet, eye protection, gloves, 2 Liters of water or energy drink, small back pack, food for energy, spare inner tube, any specific spares & water/wind proof jacket & sun protection.

*Important note about Guiding – I am first Aid qualified & UK qualified by MIAS for guiding this is the ONLY UK qualification currently available that is specifically valid in an Alpine environment. However, for legislative reasons we would like customers to be aware that we are NOT French MCF Moniteurs.