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In February and March we will be in Morocco for 3 weeks. From March to November how about Sardinia, Sicily, Switzerland or Down here in Devon, wherever you like. Camps and tours are small six to eight riders allowing discussion with you at leisure on all aspect of your training or riding. The routes and pace of the camps and tours are structured to suit the aims of the group be it climbing, base endurance and cardiovascular or leisure and tourism.     

Touring & Training camps are relaxed, fun, purposeful and informative. Stunning scenery and amazing routes are Guaranteed.

During training camps and tours you can discuss with me you're guide and coach any aspect of your training including for example Race preparation - Nutrition - The principles of training - Core strength - Off bike training - Pedal action - Goal setting

Camps and cycling holidays can be bespoke to your needs, hotels, restaurants and bucket list destinations can be selected to make your perfect tour, camp or holiday. Your goal maybe to conquer climbs, eat at the best restaurants, pass by historic monuments or stay at unique hotels, you can set the agenda.


Cycling training camps Atlas Mountains Morocco

Cycling training camps Atlas Mountains Morocco

It is generally agreed that all athletes, whatever their particular discipline will improve their performance by improving their cardiovascular system and building a large base of endurance.

In common with all endurance athletes, cyclists are required to lay down a high level of base aerobic and anaerobic endurance, a good foundation upon which to build a high level of discipline specific fitness and strength as the season approaches.

Building a good level of base aerobic endurance also helps to ensure athletes are able to recover adequately after each race or training session in order to facilitate adaptation. Cycling on the road is the best method of building aerobic endurance and improving cycling efficiency.

Cycling training camps World wide

Cycling training camps World wide

The camps are fit for purpose, structured, and informative. You will enjoy the training and feel ready for the next step in your training program. 

The week is put together to ensure you improve your performance allowing sufficient recovery for adaption making sure you get home feeling as though you achieved your goal but are not completely exhausted. Camps that unduly stress you are counterproductive and as a result many valuable training weeks can be wasted through illness brought about by fatigue.

I do the rides with you. This allows me to give feedback and advice whilst on the bike. It also means I can control the pace of the group to allow everybody to get a productive ride.


I can help you with goal setting during the camp and will be available to discuss and give advice on aspects of cycling performance after our ride over tea and cakes or alternatively during our evening meal.

Training camps are not purely aimed at racing cyclists, pace is controlled by setting appropriate heart rate zones.

 I make sure everybody has a wonderful experience after all you have chosen to spend your free time with us. I understand the value of your time.

Cycling training camps Sardinia

Cycling training camps Sardinia

All will agree that BPM training camps take place in some amazing places like Morocco, Switzerland Sicily Sardinia and yes the Uk

The camps are great fun, and allow the rider to do a large block of Kilometers or specific training in a relaxed atmosphere.

Training camps are not about competing, it’s about laying the foundations for your future success, the broader and deeper those foundations the greater the success. 

One to one training camps can be arranged at a location convenient to you or perhaps a bucket list destination of your choosing?


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Cycling training camps Swiss Alps

Cycling training camps Swiss Alps