Road Cycling Tours Rhone Valley & Swiss Alps

The pleasure of travelling by bicycle through the Valais Region of Switzerland is like cycling through a picture postcard with breath taking alpine views in every direction. From the vineyards of the Rhone valley to glaciers flanked by the towering peaks of the Swiss Alps. Our amazing location will never fail to deliver an experience of a life time. Taking a cycling tour in this area also provides fantastic opportunities to soak up the mountains, forests and alpine scenery while working on your cycling tan.

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Tour examples road: - Distances and elevations and can vary.

Typical Half day rides circa 60Km with upto 1000m climbing 3-5 hours

Typical Full day rides circa 100km with up to 1750m climbing 5-7 hours

Val d’Herens 

Val d’Anniviers

Rhone Valley

Grand St Bernard

Our day rides are approximately  5-7 hours and half day rides 3-5 hours at a comfortable pace, however whether you want a challenge or simply to explore this outstandingly beautiful area by bike we can tailor routes upon request given an ideal distance, elevation or technical aspect to suit your requirements.

UCI World Cycling Center Velodrome Excursion 

Thanks to our collaboration with the UCI CMC we Can reserve limited and private excursions  to the World Cycling Center for a tour, lunch and a private indoor Velodrome session. So if your in Les Collons/Thyon or Evolene areas and would love to try the Velodrome, here is your chance. We provide the bikes and shoes, you need to bring a helmet, suitable cycling clothing and eye protection. Transport is organised.


The Val d'hérens cycling tour

The Val D’Hérens stretches from the Rhone Valley near Sion to the foot of Dent Blanche, Dent D'Hérens, Mont Collons and Mont Blanc de Cheilon. For the majority of the summer bathed in sunshine the valley’s century’s old villages with their typical wooden dwellings lean against its steep slopes waiting to be explored.

Example tour: - Starting in Heremence we descend to the Rhone Valley before starting the climb up along the eastern side of the Val D'Heren passing through authentic Swiss villages. Along the way we pass above the famous pyramids of Euseigne, steep stone towers crowned with rock boulders. We descend then climb onto Evolene where the cauldron-like, green high-altitude valley comes into view, framed by the peak of the Dent Blanche in all its glittering glory.

Evolène is one of the Valaisian villages defined by great authenticity. It has numerous wooden buildings of several floors and is a perfect place to stop for a break before heading on passed Les Haudères a lovely hamlet with a large number of well maintained wooden houses to Arolla at the back of the valley. A place of tranquility in the midst of Swiss pine forests and an imposing glacial world.

Alternatively we can tour up the Val de Heremence to the large dam wall of the Grande Dixence, at 285 meters the world’s highest dam wall.




Rhone Valley Tour


Example tour: - Starting near Sion we cycle west along the Rhone and then back through the authentic Swiss villages that line the southern side of the valley. Climbing and descending through the Vineyards and orchards flourishing throughout the valley, we stop in picturesque and interesting locations like the chapel at Leuk or the walled village of Sallion to simply admire the view, soak up the history and enjoy some refreshment.

Not for the squeamish the village of Leuk hides a secret. A step inside the medieval chapel at the foot of the church is a step into a mysterious past. During the restoration of the chapel between 1981 and 1983, when a cabinet placed against a back wall was removed they discovered a hidden room full of thousands of human skulls. There are many theories on why the skulls are there, but the people who hid them so well ensured that all records of the secret room's existence were also destroyed. The skulls completely cover the wall, which is nearly 20 metres long and three metres high, the pile is about two and a half metres deep. Every cubic metre contains about 400 skulls.